We have built our reputation on performance, innovative designs and quality

Our re-engineering team at Bell Intercoolers has been helping companies across North America get their equipment and vehicles back up and running for fifteen years. We manage the entire design, engineering and manufacturing process and provide our clients with replacement heat exchangers that ensure dimensional integrity, at competitive prices and with timely delivery.

We streamline the design process by using Solidworks® 3D CAD to create new designs or recreate and improve existing cooling systems based on ones that already exist. Our re-engineering services focus on making improvements to existing cooling systems. Such improvements may include redesigning an intercooler to increase its flow rating and cooling efficiency or modifying the design and construction of an existing oil cooler or radiator for improved performance.

Re-Engineering Process

By leveraging the use of the latest in design technology, we ensure that every cooling system fits and performs perfectly from the start, without any modifications to your vehicle of equipment.

Data Acquisition

Bell Intercoolers uses the latest in laser scanning technology to digitize parts with extreme accuracy and speed.

Digital Modeling

Through the use of Solidworks®, Bell Intercoolers creates precise electronic drawings and accurate 3D models of every cooling system that goes through our re-engineering process.

Simulation Analysis

We'll use SolidWorks® 3D Modeling for FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to perform stress tests and simulation analysis to design products that perform according to the requirements of each application.

Reverse Engineering of Obsolete Parts

At Bell Intercoolers, we have the experience and technology to reverse-engineer obsolete parts and then re-design them to improve their performance.

Heat exchangers are often designed and built on production lines which become obsolete in only a few years. When a replacement heat exchanger cannot be obtained from its original manufacturer, the only way to replace it is to design and build a new one that fits and functions like (or better) than the original one.

When working on reproducing an obsolete part or improving the performance of a customer cooling system, our Re-Engineering process and capabilities enable us to make precise changes that meet specifications with the greatest of accuracy. It also helps us to create products that perform better and last longer.