Engine Testing

Fully Custom Designs and Complete Engineering Support

Do you manufacture or operate engine test cells? Operating and maintaining such a system can be a challenging ordeal - among the things that require continuous attention is the integrity and state of the cell's charge air coolers. With a proven record of engineering high performing charge air coolers for companies manufacturing or operating engine testing environments, Bell intercoolers can simplify the complex challenge of maintaining your investment running smoothly by supplying new or replacement charge air coolers on a timely basis.

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Custom Manufacturing

At Bell Intercoolers, we have built our reputation on performance, innovative designs and quality. It shows in every custom system we build, but especially for our Custom Manufacturing Services customers who rely on us to achieve success in their own markets.

There are hundreds of options to chose from when it comes to designing a custom cooling system. What core to use, what type of connections, fittings, fasteners, mounting brackets... and the list goes on. With thousands of Intercoolers, Oil Coolers and All Aluminum Radiators sold, Bell Intercoolers has the experience to design and manufacture the best performing and most reliable cooling systems for your application.

  • Prototype development, long runs or single unit production.
  • Wide range of internal fin patterns for superior cooling efficiency and balanced pressure drop.
  • Highly flexible design. Wide variety of hot fins to balance internal pressure drop.
  • Debris-resistant screen plates to prevent damage to internal fins.
  • Production lead times as short as 72 hours.
  • Quick-response quotes.

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