About Bell Intercoolers

Bell Intercoolers was founded in 2002 by Corky Bell (author of best-selling books: Maximum Boost and Supercharged) and Gerhard Schruf, recognized authorities in the forced-induction and heat exchange fields. Both engineers founded our company on their extensive engineering knowledge and their deep appreciation for the performance enhancements that can be achieved through a well designed cooling system.

Bell Intercoolers designs and manufactures custom charge air coolers, oil coolers and radiators for a diverse array of markets and performance driven applications. Regardless of the project scale or challenge, Bell Intercoolers provides unparalleled customer satisfaction through its flexible, customer-centered product design, superior product quality, and short manufacturing lead times. Bell Intercoolers products can be found in a broad range of markets across the world, cooling the most demanding performance-driven applications. Selecting Bell Intercoolers means opting for high performance, superior product quality and personalized service.

Discover how Bell Intercoolers can help you with your next heat exchanger challenge. Whether you need a custom solution to replace a failed heat exchanger that is no longer available in the market, a production prototype for your next big project, or a large number of parts produced, Bell Intercoolers can design and manufacture a consistent, high performing and cost effective heat exchanger solution that is certain to meet your rigorous standards.

Over the years Bell Intercoolers has built great client relationships by providing a superior product and exceptional customer service. Bell Intercoolers continues evolving and building on the experience of its founders and their vision to become a world-class engineering and manufacturing organization capable of solving customers most unique performance cooling problems.

Being ahead of our competitors with respect to product design and development is important to us. We remain focused on guiding our efforts towards an even brighter future, thus instead of just moving with the flow, we are continually testing new design and manufacturing methods, materials, evaluating new products, investing in technology and exploring partnerships that will strengthen our basis of competition and help us offer our customers even better advantages today and in the future.