Optimally designed to operate as a system

At Bell Intercoolers, we have the experience and capabilities needed to design, engineer and manufacture complete cooling systems comprising of multiple heat exchanger units like Intercoolers, Oil Coolers and Radiators. Cooling Modules are designed to operate as a system and can be fitted with cooling accessories such as Hydraulic or AC/DC Driven Fans, Fan Shrouds, Coolant Reservoirs, Pumps, and other cooling components.

We develop each Cooling Module for the unique performance that each application demands. Our vast engineering and performance cooling experience gives us the expertise required to integrate multiple cooling units into single, well integrated custom cooling modules that operate as a system.

A close collaboration between our application engineers, designers and you as the customer during the whole project will result in a high-quality product. The final product will be a tailor-made cooler, which always meets your unique needs. Depending on the conditions, the cooler fan can be operated by the diesel engine on the machine or by a hydraulic motor or a DC motor. We can also supply many different cooler combination options. A frequent combination is the “side-by-side” cooler, where the coolers are placed side-by-side, no matter the media, such as a water cooler, an oil cooler and an intercooler. Another solution is the “sandwich” cooler, where the coolers are placed in front of each other. The solution could also be a combination of these two. No matter which combination will be used, the pressure drop and the heat dissipation across the core will always be optimal.

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