Custom Manufacturing

Bell Intercoolers is ready to take on small, mid-size or large scale custom manufacturing projects.

At Bell Intercoolers, prototype development, emergency repairs and short runs are all in a typical day’s work. With a design and production facility staffed by an experienced team of engineers and fabricators, and equipped with the latest in CAD, laser scanning and production technology, we can design, fabricate, repair, test and deliver products in the time it would take most companies to simply devise a plan.

At Bell Intercoolers, we have built our reputation on performance, innovative designs and quality

One of Bell Intercoolers distinguishing strengths is its custom design and manufacturing capabilities. Whether called to design a single cooling system or a thousand, Bell Intercoolers has the experience and expertise to translate a cooling requirement into a high performance heat exchanger. Our Custom Manufacturing services are a smart choice for OEM manufacturers looking for heat exchangers that are designed for their application from a fit and functionality perspective, and for companies looking to manufacture Intercoolers and All-Aluminum Radiators for their turbo kits or performance cooling packages.

There are hundreds of options to chose from when it comes to designing a custom cooling system. What core to use, what type of connections, fittings, fasteners, mounting brackets... and the list goes on. With thousands of Intercoolers, Oil Coolers and All Aluminum Radiators sold, Bell Intercoolers has the experience to design and manufacture the best performing and most reliable cooling systems for your application.

  • Prototype development, long runs or single units.
  • Production lead times as short as 48 hours.
  • Quick-response quotes.

Custom Manufacturing Simplified

By focusing on making custom manufacturing customary, we can reduce production lead times, as well as the price of lower-volume parts.


At the initial development phase, we gather information about the specific requirements of your application, and develop general calculations and basic sketches of your design. This process usually takes a couple of iterations through phone calls and/or email exchanges.


Through the use of SolidWorks® 3D design software, we perform detailed product design, and precise simulation analysis to ensure that the finished product will fit and perform in our customer's application, right from the start.


All our products are manufactured and tested in our Central Texas facility. Every product goes through a pressure test and quality check before it it leaves our facility, ensuring that your system will perform per your requirements.


We create a digital library from which you can order parts on demand with lead times as little as two days. We also offer custom labeling and drop shipping services for customers who need us to ship directly to their final customer with their own company’s identification.

What do you get with Bell Intercoolers Custom Manufacturing Services?

Fast Development Time

From concept to production, our extensive engineering experience and capabilities, allow us to integrate engineering support, product design, and production tooling to ensure the shortest possible development time.

Validation and Testing

We optimize products by using SolidWorks® design validation tools to simulate real-world conditions and test multiple 'what if' scenarios through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), thermal analysis and static stress analysis where required.

Digital Library

We give you control of your inventory by creating a digital library from which you can order parts on demand with lead times as little as two days and for quantities that can go from as little as one part to thousands.