Minimize your application's downtime or it bring back to performing at its full power.

There is a good probability that your Charge Air Cooler / Intercooler, Oil Cooler, Radiator or Charge Air Cooler will be subject to failure in service at some point, over the lifetime of your vehicle, mobile machinery or static equipment. At Bell Intercoolers we can rebuild any type of intercooler, oil cooler or radiator. Your failed cooling system may have a unique configuration or design, which may justify repairing it instead of replacing the complete unit.

If the core in your intercooler, radiator or oil cooler has been damaged by a piece of debris coming through it, or is leaking due to metal fatigue, it needs to be replaced. Epoxy or weld patches will just not work. These will eventually fail, cause even more leaks or bigger problems, wasted money, and significant down time. The right option to repair your intercooler will most often be to re-core it, or exchange the core for a new one.

The right experience and capabilities.

At Bell Intercoolers, we have the experience and capabilities to repair or recondition cooling systems back to their full working capacity. We take advantage of our extensive core inventory to exchange a failed core for a new one, utilizing the existing components in your cooling system, such as tanks, threaded connections, fitting or mounts. With a team of highly experienced and skilled fabricators, Bell Intercoolers can exchange your core, re-assemble your complete cooling system, and restore it back to working conditions in a short time. If the tanks or other components in your cooling system are in bad shape, then your best option may be to replace the entire cooling system with a new one, as this will save you money in the long run. Regardless of your need, you can rely on Bell Intercoolers to extend the usable life of your cooling system for increased value, or to upgrade it for increased performance.

Signs of a damaged or leaking intercooler

  • Noticeable drop of the engine power.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Unnatural smoke from the exhaust system.
  • Clogged intercoolers will cause an increase in the temperature of the air flowing into the engine.

Frequent causes of intercooler failure

  • Frontal accidents from objects thrown from the road.
  • Manifold cracks due to vibration / excess stress loads.
  • Tubes clogged by oil, dirt or damaged turbo parts.
  • Improper sealing of the turbo unit.
  • Soiled surface of the intercooler.