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Bell Intercoolers has extensive experience designing and fabricating intercoolers for everything from 400hp drag cars and 5000+ tractor pulling applications to snowmobiles, ATVs, fuel cell power stations, marine engines, industrial compressors, vacuum trucks, and engine testing facilities. Over the years, we have designed and fabricated tens of thousands of intercoolers for hundreds of different applications types.

Drawing on decades of forced induction and performance cooling experience, the team at Bell Intercoolers has first-hand knowledge of the subtleties and specific requirements of heat exchanger design and theory at your disposal. This experience, ensures that your heat exchanger will hold up under the pressures of your application, whether it is heading for the race track, a fuel cell stack, a twin diesel cruiser boat or an engine testing station.

Performance, Durability and Flow.

You will not find another intercooler system that offers a better combination of performance, durability and flow than that of a Bell Intercoolers product. It is this combination that has allowed Bell Intercoolers to remain the top choice among elite racing teams, performance shops, discerning motorsports enthusiast and demanding OEMs.

Our cooling systems have a clean, natural, smooth finish, and fit smoothly the mounting points on the vehicle or equipment for which they were designed. We design and manufacture every product with strict size, configuration and performance tolerances to ensure a perfect and easy fit from installation.

Request a Custom Intercooler System

Whether called to design and manufacture a single unit or a thousand, we have the capabilities and experience to quickly translate your intercooler requirements into a high performance, high quality intercooler system that lowers your applications temperature and increases its power.

Fill out our Custom Cooling System Request Form and one of our Engineers will get in touch with you.

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Pre-Engineered Intercoolers

Our pre-engineered product line consists of high performing cooling solutions that Bell Intercoolers has designed, built and perfected over the last 15 years. These products have been engineered to optimize performance and fit and cost, and are readily available for shipping.

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