Building your own intercooler assembly? Need a high quality, US-made Air/Air or Liquid/Air intercooler core? Need it tomorrow? No problem.

Bell Intercoolers offers a large selection of high quality, high performance, pressure tested intercooler cores in sizes to meet all of your turbo and supercharger performance requirements.

All of our Air to Air and Liquid to Air intercooler cores are bar and plate design; manufactured in the US using only the highest quality aluminum components and vacuumed brazed, resulting in strong, leak-proof cores. Our unique fin design and fin density is designed in such a way to maximize cooling efficiency while allowing for minimal pressure drop. Our goal is to give you the most efficient and power producing intercooler core upgrades in the market.

Order before 1:00 PM central time and, if in stock, we will ship it that day. With over 10,000 core sizes in stock, we probably have what you need on hand and ready to ship. Do we have what you’re looking for? Just take a look.

We also offer full engineering support to answer any intercooler core or assembly questions you might have. Call or email us today, our engineers are ready to help you with your project and make sure you get the best core for the application.