Fully Custom Intercooler Assemblies

At Bell Intercoolers we specialize in designing and manufacturing fully custom intercoolers, radiators and heat exchangers, specifically to your exact project requirements and for nearly every type of application.

Our custom intercooler design and manufacturing is an excellent choice for end users or companies looking for a fully engineered and high performing solution, and for distributors wanting to manufacture custom intercoolers for their turbo kits.

Air/Air Intercoolers – High Performance, Simplified

A well-designed Air/Air customer intercooler system represents the most cost efficient and reliable method of reducing intake charge temperatures in turbocharger and supercharger applications. With no moving parts the Air/Air system provides essentially maintenance free reliability, just this side of bulletproof. Couple this with Bell Intercoolers engineering and design expertise and you have a proven method of harnessing the potential of your turbocharged or supercharged engine.

Liquid/Air Intercoolers – Extreme Performance Solutions

Whether you are faced with the challenges of space limitations, a lack of access to cooling air flow or you are looking for extreme intercooler efficiencies, the Liquid/Air intercooler system can offer an attractive alternative to Air/Air intercooler systems. The Liquid/Air system works by transferring the charge air heat (from turbocharger or supercharger) to a liquid coolant, this coolant is then pumped to a remotely located heat exchanger where ambient cooling air removes the heat. The obvious advantage with this system is that you can optimally position your heat exchanger in the cooling air stream, regardless of the location of the engine or associated space limitations.

To view some of the more common Air/Air and Liquid/Air intercooler assembly options available to you just click on the buttons below. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you design your next intercooler project.