At Bell Intercoolers we use the term Motorsports to encompass all motor vehicles whether for street, racing or off-road use. This category includes: Street cars, Stock cars, Sport cars, Motorcycles, as well as other Motorized Recreational Vehicles such as Snowmobiles and All-Terrain vehicles (ATVs). Bell Intercoolers products have been tried and tested on the track, the strip, off-track and on the snow with exceptional results.

Our broad line of intercooler cores and assemblies, radiator cores and heat exchangers are absolutely the best performing and most reliable systems available for your application. All of our intercooler cores are US-made, vacuum brazed and utilize a highly efficient and extremely durable bar and plate design that provides large surface areas for superior levels of heat dispersion. Our engineering team at Bell Intercoolers is ready to assist you in designing an intercooler assembly or heat exchange solution that gives your engine maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drop.

At Bell Intercoolers we design and manufacture our products to the highest performance and quality standards and with a deep understanding of the physics that work behind forced induction systems. It is this approach that allows Bell Intercoolers to offer unique designs that improve both the performance and reliability of our systems relative to other products.

Every customer request comes with its own unique set of requirements and challenges. Depending on those needs and challenges, some solutions perform better than others. By working close with our customers, our engineering and design experts can determine the optimal solution to harness the potential of their turbocharged or supercharged engine. Use our website to explore our products and capabilities, and then get in touch with us so we can begin designing a solution that’s right for you.