Select Your Intercooler Tank Design

Tank SelectionAfter selecting the correct intercooler core for your Air to Air (Air/Air) or Liquid to Air (Liquid/Air) intercooler assembly you will need to select the proper tank configurations to complete your assembly. Here you will find numerous examples of possible tank configurations in the chart shown below. These represent possible placements for inlet and outlet tubes on the assembly end tanks. Please note, these examples only represent the most popular inlet/outlet placement options and do not cover all possible configurations. Bell Intercoolers can design and produce an assembly utilizing whatever inlet/outlet and tank design you may require for your application. If you have any questions about the best design for your assembly please contact Technical Support and we will be glad to help you design the best intercooler system possible for your specific requirements.

Tanks Upper LeftThere are several important elements to the Tank Configuration chart. First you will notice that the tanks are divided into two categories, Upper or Left Tanks and Lower or Right Tanks. A closer look at the sample tank diagram (upper right) shows the details. Each tank diagram contains a line drawing of the tank configuration, an arrow representing the flow pattern of the Ambient Air Flow or Liquid Flow, and an overhead schematic of the tank. It is important for you to refer to the flow pattern diagram to be sure we provide with the correct tank configurations for your assembly.

Tanks Lower RightIf you need a configuration that is not shown on this page please select the Custom designator (X) and we will determine what you need when you place your order.

Once you have selected the tank configurations, write down the designator letter for the upper/left tank and the lower/right tank. This information, along with the Core Price and Part Number will be needed when you place your order.