Use our intercooler core inventory system to compare dimensions and air flow requirements to find the correct Air/Air or Liquid/Air intercooler core for your application.

Bell Intercoolers offers a large selection of high quality, high performance, pressure tested intercooler cores in sizes to meet all of your turbo and supercharger performance requirements. Bell Intercoolers uses bar and plate type cores in Air to Air and Liquid to Air applications for the highest efficiencies and performance. When ordering an intercooler assembly from us, you will need to:

A) select your intercooler core
B) select the tank design.

With over 3,000 core sizes and configurations in stock, we probably have yours on hand and ready to go. Do we have what you’re looking for? Just take a look in our intercooler core inventory section.

If you have any questions concerning the selection of either of these components or questions about other options for your application please contact our Technical Support department and we will, at no cost, answer your intercooler design questions.

Select Core Thickness (Air/Air)

Compare air flow requirements and find the core that best meets the needs of your application. Cores are separated into categories based upon available core thickness. In each of thicknesses you will find a variety of core dimensions (height and tube length), with listings for air flow of each core, shown in cubic feet per minute (CFM, based on 1 psig pressure loss across the intercooler core and a charge-air pressure of 10 psig) and core weight.

Please note Air to Air and Liquid to Air intercooler cores may not be the same type of construction, bar and plate or extruded, and there may be dimensions that not available in both types. Also, if you should require a core size that is not listed please contact us for possible special order options.