Proseries TT Team

Sahara Aventura – Off-Road Rally
Land Rover Defender 110 TD

Many of the competition vehicles we support are engaged in challenges involving high-speeds. However, in this case it is all about endurance, the kind of endurance required to survive a point-to-point rally across the Sahara Desert.

This kind of event requires a pretty tough personality and an equally tough vehicle. Portuguese off-road enthusiasts Proseries TT Team bring both of these elements to the effort. Team founders Paulo Ferreira and Rui Caldeira field a pair of veteran Land Rover brutes in a variety of off-road rallies and navigation challenges. Paulo’s proven tool is the legendary Land Rover 88 Series III turbo diesel, while Rui opted for a slightly updated approach fielding the venerable Land Rover Defender 110 with the TD5 turbo diesel engine.

Apparently the team had conquered all of the local Portuguese off-road offerings and they had to go elsewhere for bigger challenges. And they found them in the Sahara Aventura. The Sahara Aventura is a multi-day, point-to-point endurance rally across a section of the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. The rugged and unpredictable terrain of this event keeps the speeds low and a rock solid reliable vehicle is key to success. So when Proseries TT Team decided they were going to need to upgrade the air/air intercooler system for the diesel Land Rovers they called Bell Intercoolers.

Our engineers worked with Ferreira and Caldeira to design and build a pair of custom built intercoolers that would be able to meet the dual challenges of providing adequate cooling of the turbocharged intake air charge while not interfering with the engine cooling system. Low vehicle speeds during the event would mean reduced airflow to the intercooler and the radiator. A special dual-pass design was created that would provide proper intercooler flow and heat transfer without blocking airflow to the critical radiator.

The intercooler designs worked well and both of the team’s Land Rovers easily survived the event with Rui and the Defender taking third in class in the 2010 edition of the race. When not cruising the sands of the Sahara, both Land Rovers can be found crawling through trials challenges across Portugal.