Murillo Motorsports

Drag Racing – 10.5 Mustang
6.77 @ 218 mph

If you’re familiar with Mustang drag racing then you’re familiar with Mike Murillo and his Star Car Mustang. Murillo has made quite an impact in the Mustang ranks with five NMRA Outlaw 5.0 Championships (1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999), two Clash of the Titans Championships, one World Ford Challenge title (2002), and one NMRA Super Street Outlaws championship (2002). For nearly a decade Murillo was a top contender in the field, but in 2003 he decided to retire from racing to focus on family and his growing performance business.

Racing, however, isn’t easy to set aside and in 2007, at the suggestion of his very supportive wife, Mike began work on a return to the hotly contested Outlaw 10.5 ranks. It was no surprise that Murillo would come back in a Mustang, but when Mike called us with details about his new project, Star Car II, it quickly got the attention of our engineers. Starting with a 1993 Fox-body Mustang, Mike and the team at Murillo Motorsports began piling on the parts. Providing the motivation is a 541 cubic inch V8, built by Kotzur Racing Engines and developing in excess of 2500 hp. The power-adders in this case are two GT47 88mm turbochargers, pushing out 25+ psi of boost pressure, being fed through a Bell Intercoolers liquid/air custom designed intercooler system.

What is so unique about Mike’s approach is that he has moved both turbochargers to the back of the car, installing them in the trunk to optimizing the weight bias. And the optimization appears to be paying off. The last time we checked in with Murillo they had turned a 6.77 through the quarter-mile at 218 mph for an NMRA record. Development appears to be right on track and it looks like Mike and the team are on their way to times in the mid-6s.