Ack Attack Streamliner

Land Speed Racing – S-BG 3000cc
376.156 mph / Record

The world of land speed racing has seemingly countless categories based on variations in vehicle type, engine type and size, as well as fuel type. The speeds attainable in these numerous categories run the range from sub-100 mph to over 760 mph. While each category is exciting to watch, if you’re looking for the highest speeds, you’ll be looking for the automotive and motorcycle streamliners.

These highly aerodynamic vehicles are purpose-built and bear essentially no resemblance to anything you would see on the street. They are designed to present the least amount of aerodynamic drag, with all of the various components contained within a smooth, thin outer shell designed to limit speed-robbing drag as much as possible. This includes driver, engine, fuel, coolant and the wheels and tires, four for the larger automotive streamliners and two of each in the case of the motorcycle streamliners.

The Ack Attack Top 1 Oil motorcycle streamliner is a very good example of this type of vehicle. In fact it is currently the fastest of the motorcycle streamliners in the world, having set the S-BG 3000cc record of 360.913 mph in September of 2008 at the Top 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout at Utah’s famous Bonneville Salt Flats. To decipher the code, S-BG 3000cc breaks down as follows: S for streamliner, B for blown or forced induction, G for gas, rather than fuel, and 3000cc for engine sizes up to 3000cc displacement. Driver Rocky Robinson pilots the Mike Akatiff designed bullet, controlling the twin 1300cc Suzuki Hyabusa engines, fed by a single, massive turbocharger to provide over 900hp. These engines are intercooled by a single, liquid/air intercooler built specifically for the Ack Attack by Bell Intercoolers.

Of course the Ack Attack isn’t alone in their quest for the coveted title of world’s fastest and the record didn’t come easy. Since 2006 they have been locked in a pitched battle for the record with the EZ Hook and Bub Seven streamliners. The Ack Attack has survived 300 mph crashes and various mechanical failures in their efforts bring home the record and we hope Mike, Rocky and the team keep coming back to defend the title.