Any Project. Any Design.
Custom-engineered Intercoolers and Core Solutions designed and fabricated specifically to your exact project requirements, in the fastest time possible.


Industrial Intercoolers
Bell Intercoolers designs and delivers a full range of US-made Air/Air and Liquid/Air intercooler assemblies and solutions for nearly every industry application.


Marine Intercoolers
Marine Intercooler Assemblies specifically engineered to perform to your highest expectations in the most demanding marine environments.


Motorsport Intercoolers
Fully custom Intercooler Assemblies and Core Solutions for high performance Motorsports applications. Gas or diesel, street or strip, Baja or Bonneville.

Cores and Custom Applications

Intercooler Cores



  • Air/Air and Liquid/Air bar and plate type cores.
  • 100% US-made vacuum brazed aluminum cores built for exceptional performance.
  • A broad range of intercooler core sizes and configurations in stock and ready to ship.
  • Industrial, Marine and Motorsports applications.
Motorsport Intercooler



  • High-efficiency designs for superior heat rejection and minimal pressure drop.
  • Collaborative design, manufacturing optimization, rigorous testing.
  • Single unit and production services available.
  • Rugged construction available for heavy duty applications
Marine Intercoolers



  • Commercial, Performance and Recreational applications.
  • Fully custom designs for better-than-OEM performance
  • 100% US-made vacuum brazed aluminum cores.
  • Protective marine coating for performance and reliability in salt-water environments.
Motorsport Intercoolers



  • Fully custom designs that maximize the boost potential of your turbocharged or supercharged engine.
  • Endless number of configurations available.
  • Complete engineering and design support.
  • Fast, reliable global delivery.

You have intercooler questions.
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Technical Support


Technical Support

At Bell Intercoolers we understand that while the basic concept of intercooling is fairly straightforward, there are areas of theory and execution where even the most seasoned veteran could use some expert advice to create the best intercooler system for their application.


Bell Intercoolers Technical, Design and Engineering Support is your open line of communication to our engineering team.


Need help with proper core sizing and selection, tank design, or whether to use an Air/Air or Liquid/Air system?

Proseries TT Desert Team
Our engineers worked to design and build a pair of custom built intercoolers that would survive a point-to-point rally across the Sahara Desert.
Sahara Aventura - Off-Road Rally | Land Rover Defender 110 TD5
Ack Attack Streamliner
These engines are intercooled by a single, Liquid/Air Intercooler built specifically for the Ack Attack by Bell Intercoolers.
Land Speed Racing - S-BG 3000cc | 376.156 mph | Record
928 Motorsports
Pressure fed, 5.1 liter V8, running a Bell Intercoolers liquid/air intercooler system, develops 450 hp and uses every bit of it in the race to the top.
Pikes Peak Hillclimb – Open Division | Time: 13:46.791
John Deere Pulling Team
A massive turbocharger to push over 150 psi of boost pressure. Cooling that intake charge is an equally massive Bell Intercooler liquid/air intercooler assembly.
Tractor Pulling – 3500kg Pro Stock | 2008 Danish Champion


Intercooler FAQs

What is the purpose and/or advantage of an intercooler?

The purpose of the intercooler is to remove the heat in the air charge that the turbo/supercharger puts into the charge when compressing it. There are two advantages: Reducing the heat in the air charge increases the charge density (more molecules of air per cubic foot), thus increasing the potential for making more power.

Is some intercooling better than no intercooling?

No. It depends on the design of the intercooler, and there are two factors involved; efficiency (how much heat is removed) and the flow restriction (lost pressure) created by the presence of the intercooler.

How does the intercooler affect the power output of the engine?

Power is dependent on the density of the air charge. By decreasing the temperature the intercooler increases air charge density, therefore, the power is increased.