Determine Flow Patterns

To select your intercooler core, you must determine the core thickness. These dimensions are A (core thickness), B (core height) and C (core length). In order to use the online inventory system you will first need to determine the flow patterns for your specific intercooler application. These flow patterns will provide you a point of reference to the accompanying diagram and will provide you with the key dimensions of your specific intercooler application.

The flow patterns that must be identified are Charge Air Flow and Ambient Air Flow or Liquid Flow. In layman’s terms, Charge Air Flow is the intake air moving within the induction system, from the turbo or supercharger to the cylinders. Ambient Air Flow or Liquid Flow is the air or liquid that passes through the core to cool the intake air (Charge Air Flow).

Core Thickness (Dimension A)

The first step in selecting an intercooler core is determining the core thickness. In the accompanying diagram core thickness is represented by dimension A. On the Core Inventory page you will see the six core thickness options available. Select the thickness that matches your requirements.

Remaining Core Dimensions
(Dimensions B and C)

The second step is selecting the remaining core dimensions, Dimension B (Core Height) and Dimension C (Core Length). Simply refer back to the intercooler core diagram to be sure of the proper flow and dimensions in relation to your application.

Write down the information required to place your order (Part Number and Price). When looking at the inventory chart information, remember, if the part number appears in red it is not in stock. If the item you are looking for is out of stock please contact us to find out when it will be available.

Core Dimensions Diagram