John Deere Pulling Team

Tractor Pulling – 3500kg Pro Stock
2008 Danish Champion

Roaring engines, howling turbos, and spinning tires. With that description we could be talking about any drag strip on any given weekend. That is until you add in plumes of black diesel smoke, a sled weighing upwards of 40,000 lbs and engines carrying names like International or John Deere. That could only be tractor pulling.

Originating back in the days of horse-drawn farm implements this form of motorsport has evolved from a literal single horsepower to today’s 9000+ hp multi-engine, modified class pullers. In this mix of “smokers’ you will find the familiar looking Pro Stock class of tractors. These competitors retain the overall outward appearance of the original farm tractor and in some sanctioning bodies are required to run the factory engine block, heads and gearbox case. What they do from there is left to their imagination and bank account.

One of these Pro Stock teams is the John Deere Pulling Team competing in the 3500kg Pro Stock class in the highly competitive European tractor pulling series. This John Deere 8520 tractor, piloted by Rasmus Hojen, must weigh no more than 3500kg (7716 lbs), which may seem heavy until you consider the 8520 began life at upwards of 23,000 lbs. The engine displacement is limited to 8.0 liters (488 ci), however forced induction is permitted and to that end Hojen makes use of a single, massive turbocharger to push over 150 psi of boost pressure. Cooling that intake charge is an equally massive Bell Intercooler liquid/air intercooler assembly.

With that level of boost pressure this John Deere is capable of generating in excess of 2,500 hp. Though torque is the goal in pulling, torque measurements for these engines are purely estimates as readily available dynos are simply not capable of measuring at this level. And Rasmus has put that power to good use by capturing the Danish 3500kg Pro Stock National Championship in 2008.